Why is fentanyl dangerous?

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drug Crimes, 0 Comments

The problem of opioid and heroin addiction is getting worse every day in North Carolina. Also, as many readers of this blog are already aware, fentanyl is a dangerous synthetic opioid that’s taking the black market by storm. Numerous people have died from overdosing on fentanyl, heroin and other opioids in North Carolina — and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

For those who are suffering from opioid addictions — and for their family members — it’s important to keep in mind the fact that addiction isn’t a choice. Nobody wants to be addicted to these substances, and nobody wants to hurt themselves or their friends because of their addictions. However, once the need for the drug sets in, free will isn’t a factor anymore. People who are addicted usually need help from professionals if they want to get better.

Fentanyl in particular presents a huge risk to those addicted to opioids in North Carolina. That’s because, many people who think they’re using heroin are actually using Fentanyl, which is enormously more potent than heroin. For example, the lethal dose of normal heroin is about 30 milligrams, while the lethal dose of fentanyl is just 3 milligrams. Get the picture? This is why police who handle heroin or fentanyl at a crime scene are now wearing special protection — these substances are dangerous.

Using heroin or fentanyl, however, is not only dangerous for your health. It’s also dangerous for your legal status. If you’re accused of heroin possession or heroin distribution, the charges are serious and a conviction could result in jail time. As such, you’ll want to organize your criminal defense in as tactful and strategic of a manner as possible.

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