What’s the best drunk driving defense?

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drunk Driving, 0 Comments

There is no easy answer to the question of what drunk driving defense is best. In fact, every drunk driving defense strategy needs to be custom-tailored to the individual facts of each particular case.

That said, there are several defenses that DUI defense attorneys tend to employ again and again. These defenses might not fit your particular case. However, if they do apply to your situation, you might be able to employ them with a favorable result in court.

Rising blood alcohol concentration (BAC)

Conceivably, a driver could drink three shots quickly and it would take some time before the alcohol was absorbed into his or her system. As such, the driver might have a little bit of time in which he or she would be sober enough to drive before the effects of the alcohol took hold. One viable defense involves the theory of rising BAC. If police make you wait too long before testing your blood alcohol levels, your test results could show a level of intoxication that was much higher than it was when you were actually driving.

The accused person wasn’t driving

Imagine a situation where a sober driver gets into an accident. When police arrive on scene, they discover that the passenger is extremely intoxicated. Police might mistakenly accuse the intoxicated passenger of being the one who caused the crash. The accused person will then need to present his or her defense in a way that supports the fact that the other person was the one behind the wheel.

What’s the best defense for your drunk driving charges? That will depend on the facts the prosecution is bringing against you in court. Ultimately, the more you know about North Carolina drunk driving laws, the better able you’ll defend yourself during the litigation of your case.