Three Important Components Of A Drunk Driving Arrest

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Whenever a drunk driving arrest occurs, a North Carolina resident can expect that the three following components also occurred. The first relates to the reason why you were pulled over and the second two relate to the reasons why you were ultimately arrested. Did all three of these DUI components happen in your case:

A valid reason to pull you over: Police need a viable reason to pull a driver over. That could be any number of reasons. Maybe the driver was speeding, didn’t have his or her headlights on, drove through a red light or was driving in an erratic fashion. Whatever the reason why, it needs to be a valid reason to actually pull you from the road. In fact, police are not usually permitted to pull you over unless they have a good reason for doing so.

Field sobriety tests: The next thing you can expect to have happen during your drunk driving arrest is a field sobriety test. After police pull you over, if they note that you are showing the signs of inebriation, they will ask you to go through a series of tests designed to evaluate whether or not you are too drunk to drive.

Breathalyzer tests: Also, police will have you take a Breathalyzer test which will examine the chemical content of your breath to see how much blood is in your system. Having .08 percent alcohol in your blood is enough to trigger an arrest.

If you were arrested and accused of drunk driving, it doesn’t mean you will be convicted. You can fight your charges by defending yourself in court, and in some cases, you might be able to reduce your punishments and/or prevent a conviction from happening.