Police have arrested a man on drug trafficking charges in Candler

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A man from Candler has been arrested on charges of drug trafficking. Authorities say that the man was in possession of nearly 7 pounds of methamphetamine when they took him into custody.

The 23-year-old man was arrested on a recent Thursday and as of last reports he was being held at the Buncombe County Detention Center on bond of $575,000 awaiting a court appearance.

According to police the Buncombe County area, the meth bust was the second such arrest in the area over the last five months that netted over 6 pounds of meth. The last arrest of this size, which happened in October 2017, also netted nearly 7 pounds of methamphetamine.

In this more recent incident, the man has been accused of meth-related crimes including the selling and delivery of meth and maintaining a home where meth was being sold and stored. The man was maintaining his residence where additional meth was found in a trailer home.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation’s Alcohol Law Enforcement branch handled the arrest and accusations in this case. Usually this branch of government only handles issues related to the state lottery and alcohol; however, in this case, the agents employed their ability to arrest individuals who have committed any kind of criminal activity.

Although, based on the facts reported by the media, it appears that the accused may in this case committed a serious crime, it’s important for all defendants to remember that anyone can be convicted of a serious crime. Also, everyone has the right to a criminal defense in which they can make their voices heard and possibly obtain a verdict of not guilty.

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