4 tips when using a designated driver

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drunk Driving, 0 Comments

Every night that you go out with your friends to have a good time, you should always choose one person who will stay sober. This person shouldn’t drink a drop of alcohol the entire night, and he or she should be available to drive everyone home if necessary. Yes, it’s quite a responsibility and even could be seen as a “drag,” but being a designated driver means that you could be the person who saves your friends lives — or at least prevents them from getting arrested and charged with a drunk driving offense.

A lot of people try to use a designated driver and fail, however, so here are four vital tips to keep you on the right track:

Always pick your designated driver well in advance

Don’t wait until the drinks are poured or you sit down at the bar. By this time, nobody wants to be the designated driver and you’ll probably not end up having one for the night. Choose and agree on a designated driver before you actually get together so that the person who has agreed to the responsibility knows exactly what he or she is getting into.

Rotate who will serve as the designated driver

If you go out with the same friends on a regular basis, choose who will be the designated driver on a rotating basis. Take turns and everyone will feel like they’re fairly treated and be more willing to play along.

If you’re a big group choose multiple designated drivers

It’s not reasonable to expect one person to drive all seven people home to different corners of town. A large group needs more than one designated driver.

Don’t be afraid to use Uber

You never know if your designated driver will end up caving and getting drunk by the end of the night. Always have a registered ride apps on your cellphone in case of emergencies.

Were you accused of drunk driving? You may be able to defend yourself against the charges, but it’s important to act now and begin the process developing your criminal defense strategy as early as possible.