Could someone get arrested for drunk driving 4 times in 2 days?

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The idea of being hit with a drunk driving charge twice in one year is feasible. Even the idea of being hit with a drunk driving charge twice in one month is feasible — especially if a North Carolina resident is struggling from an alcohol problem. However, the idea of getting arrested for driving while intoxicated four times within the span of a 48-hour period is absolutely inconceivable. Nevertheless, this is exactly what happened to a man in a northeast state.

It all started on a Sunday in 2014, when a 53-year-old man was arrested for drunk driving. The next day, on Monday, he was arrested three more times. Oddly enough, three out of the four times he was arrested happened after he drove into a tree with his vehicle.

After the first three arrests, police released the man to his parents. However, after the fourth arrest, police decided to hold the man in jail until his arraignment. During the arrests, police had the man complete a Breathalyzer test in which the results showed he had a blood alcohol content (BAC) at three times the legal limit.

As one can clearly see, it is possible to get arrested four times within a 48-hour period. Nevertheless, it is extremely rare for this to happen and most drunk driving defense lawyers will reveal that most of their DWI clients only suffered a first-time arrest.

Regardless of the circumstances of your DWI arrest, you will have the right to fight the charges in court. In some cases, depending on the facts surrounding the arrest, you might want to deny the charges and fight the offense in court. In other cases, you might want to plead guilty in exchange for a reduction in punishments.