Law enforcement using ghost cars to enforce drunk driving laws

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The North Carolina State Highway Patrol has a new kind of vehicle in its arsenal. They’re describing it as a “stealth weapon” to be used in combat against intoxicated drivers. The vehicle looks like a normal Dodge Charger used by the state police. The only difference is that it’s black and has glow-in-the-dark lettering.

According to a colonel with the Highway Patrol, “A ghost patrol car has the exact same markings as our traditional patrol car.” They say that one ghost car will be featured in each of its eight troops. The option to drive the vehicle will be offered as a reward to high-performing officers. One trooper who will get to use the car in Vance County stressed that saving a single life by using the ghost car will be the best reward he could ever possibly receive.

In a movie-like, drama-filled Facebook video, the Highway Patrol recently unveiled the ghost car with the tagline “Drunk drivers beware the ghost car.”

Many municipalities throughout the country have begun to use so-called ghost cars. Aside from having an increased capacity to “sneak up” on drunk drivers, the interesting lettering on the vehicles also brings more attention to police efforts to enforce drunk driving laws. Increased attention to police enforcement often brings better compliance with existing rules and regulations.

If you were arrested and accused of drunk driving, you may have the ability to successfully defend yourself against the charges with a not guilty plea. Also, if the evidence against you is particularly strong, you may want to negotiate a DWI plea deal in which you plead guilty in exchange for a reduction in your punishments.

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