27-year-old arrested and accused of drug crimes in Huntersville

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A simple traffic stop has led to a drug arrest in Huntersville. According to police in the area, they pulled over a 27-year-old man at approximately 1 a.m. last Tuesday, June 12. It started as a stop for a traffic violation. However, when police got closer to the vehicle, they claim to have smelled a strong odor of alcohol.

Police then performed a search of the man’s car. Their search allegedly produced multiple types of drugs, including 30 grams of marijuana, five grams of cocaine, 20 Adderal pills, little plastic baggies, a digital scale and an open alcohol container.

Police arrested the 27-year-old driver and charged him with multiple drug crimes including: felony possession of a schedule II drug; felony possession of marijuana with the intention to distribute and sell; misdemeanor marijuana possession; marijuana paraphernalia possession and open container possession.

The man in this case has been charged with multiple and very serious crimes. If convicted, he could spend time in jail. That said, he’ll have the ability to defend himself in court and with any luck he might achieve a verdict of not guilty or get his charges dropped or dismissed. If he’s unable to secure the dismissal of his case, he may want to explore the possibility of reaching a plea bargain deal with prosecution.

In order to know the most appropriate legal defense strategy given a circumstance, it’s important for defendants to dive deep into the situations surrounding their arrest in order to gather insight into the best way to reduce the chances and/or severity of criminal punishment.

Source: patch.com, “Early Morning Traffic Stop Leads To Drug Arrest In Huntersville,” Kimberly Johnson, June 12, 2018