Will the federal government lower North Carolina drug crime?

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The U.S. Attorney’s Office says it wants to reduce instances of drug crime in North Carolina’s Eastern District. To do so, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has issued an initiative that will serve to combat drug crime throughout the area, specifically focusing on violent drug crime.

According to U.S. Attorney Robert Higdon, Eastern North Carolina will not be a home for drug dealers or criminals. The U.S. Attorney’s “Take back North Carolina Initiative” represents a partnership between local, state and federal law enforcement officials along with the district attorney.

The U.S. attorney wants to focus on aggressive and violent drug offenders first. Federal prosecutors will focus on six main areas in North Carolina, including Jacksonville, Kinston and New Bern. Attorney Higdon said, “We will not allow the progress made over the last two decades to slip through our fingers.”

U.S. prosecutors in these areas will seek federal charges against accused individuals rather than state charges whenever possible. In addition to prioritizing violent crime, the prosecutors will also target crimes made against police officers. The “Take Back North Carolina Initiative” also seeks to reduce the amount of drug overdose deaths in the state. This problem, according to Higdon, is exacerbated by overprescription by doctors and unscrupulous drug dealers. The U.S. attorney plans to charge overprescribing doctors and drug dealers with murder whenever possible.

Although police and prosecutors are increasing their enforcement efforts in North Carolina, if you were accused of a drug crime, it doesn’t mean you will be found guilty. You’ll still be able to defend yourself against the charges during your criminal court proceedings.

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