Could the federal government legalize marijuana soon?

By KevinMarcilliat, In Federal Crimes, 0 Comments

There’s no telling how soon the federal government could legalize marijuana, but certain U.S. senators are putting in significant effort in this direction. Recently, the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced a new bill that would serve to decriminalize marijuana by removing it from the federal government’s schedule of controlled substances.

The federal government currently views marijuana as a drug that’s just as dangerous as heroin. Marijuana is classified as just as addictive and without any known medical purpose. Nevertheless, states across the nation have legalized marijuana both for recreational and medical uses. According to Senator Schumer, it’s time for a change.

If Schumer’s Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act is passed into law, the measure would only serve to decriminalize marijuana under federal rules. Individual states would still have the power to regulate and police marijuana as they pleased. That said, if the federal government releases its control of the substance, it’s likely many states would follow suit.

Even though marijuana has been legalized in various states for recreational and medical purposes, such as in Colorado and Hawaii, the substance continues to be illegal in North Carolina. As such, North Carolina residents accused of breaking marijuana laws could find themselves facing the threat of jail time and other serious consequences.

If you or a loved one are navigating criminal proceedings related to marijuana crimes in North Carolina, make sure you study the laws that apply to your case, as well as previous rulings on similar cases and the potential punishments you could face if convicted. This information will help you make the most educated choices when it comes to your defense.