Drug crime allegations: How to choose a defense attorney

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drug Crimes, 0 Comments

No matter the circumstances of your arrest, if you’ve been charged with drug-related crimes, you’re probably feeling stressed, vulnerable and scared. These feelings are certainly expected, but it’s important to calm yourself and think in a level-headed and logical fashion because you’re about to make a very important decision: You need to select a suitable defense attorney to represent you in your criminal proceedings.

No doubt, you want to seek the most skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney you can find, but the selection of an attorney should never be as simple as this. Here are a few things remember when selecting your counselor-at-law:

Don’t go by stellar marketing alone: It’s easy for attorneys to present themselves in a flashy and attractive way in their advertising. What’s less easy, on the other hand, is for an attorney to provide the level of service that helps you feel safe and secure.

High cost doesn’t always mean high-level service: You need to be able to afford your lawyer, and although money can equal quality in many circumstances, it’s not always the case with attorneys. Make sure to investigate the background of your lawyer, check online reviews and ask for references from past clients.

Do you have a good sense of rapport? It’s vital that you can establish an easygoing sense of trust and rapport with your lawyer. Sometimes the attorney you end up trusting is not the one you expected. However, when you can trust your attorney and know that you’re in good hands, it will make a world of difference — not only for your stress levels during litigation, but also for the potential success of your trial proceedings.

These are just three pieces of advice for selecting a great criminal defense lawyer for a drug crimes offense. There are other suggestions as well, like making sure the lawyer has a clear fee structure and that your lawyer will be available frequently — as needed — to talk with you personally. If you’re ready to select a great criminal defense attorney, do your due diligence and hire a representative you can trust.