Kayne shocks SNL audience by launching into political rant off-air

By KevinMarcilliat, In Criminal Justice, 0 Comments

Kayne West is no stranger to controversy. Yet his last memorable blowup on national television – stealing the mic from a wide-eyed Taylor Swift during the VMA Awards – was back in 2015. So was his storm-the-stage moment with Beck at the Grammys. In other words, he’s been long overdue for another.

Appearing as the musical performer on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, he kicked off the appearance in bizarre fashion, wearing a plastic-bottle costume alongside singer Lil Pump.

But the real spectacle came later, just after the show went off the air, when West donned an even more provocative piece of clothing – a bright-red “Make America Great Again” ballcap. West summoned his crew back onstage and began a long-winded monologue about his support for President Trump. He lectured the audience, accused the SNL crew of bullying him, and hinted at his owns plans to run for office in 2020.

While the rant wasn’t televised, fortunately, plenty in the audience had their cameras rolling.

Kanye (or “Ye,” as he’s branded himself with a new moniker) followed up his impromptu performance with a baffling Twitter pronouncement that “the 13th Amendment is slavery in disguise… meaning it never ended… We are the solution that heals.”

Clearly, Kanye shares more with Trump than just a tendency toward off-the-script non-sequitur rants… He’s perhaps aspiring to reach Trump-level heights with confusing and controversial tweets, too.