Love & Hip Hop star Tommie Lee learns (the hard way) why you shouldn’t violate a no-contact order

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Tommie Lee is no stranger to police. The 34-year-old mother of two and volatile star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been arrested more than 30 times over the years. She’s faced charges ranging from theft and disorderly conduct to forgery, battery and hijacking (of a bus, apparently). One of her daughters was even born in jail.

But now, the star has set a new record for herself: getting arrested not once, but twice within 24 hours.

Love & Hip Hop Star

The initial arrest came after Lee allegedly slammed her daughter’s head into a locker and pulled her hair at the child’s Atlanta-area middle school. Charged with felony aggravated assault, first-degree child cruelty, battery and public-school disruption, she was booked and released on bail. A no-contact order was issued – standard procedure in these types of cases – directing Lee to avoid all contact (including phone calls) with her daughter.

Just a few hours after her release, however, Lee found herself again in handcuffs – this time for violating the no-contact order by calling her daughter.

Lee’s aggressive, out-of-control behavior has been chronicled throughout her stint on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Both on camera and off, she has erupted into physical brawls with several of her costars, throwing punches and even attempting to run down a costar with her car. She was suspended at the end of last season after attacking producers and camera crew. Her struggles with alcoholism have created rifts with family members as well.

Lee’s prior legal troubles might mean a heightened sentence. Currently held without bond, she’s certainly giving her lawyers plenty of work to do on her behalf.