Types of internet sex crimes

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The internet can be one of the most helpful technologies out there today. It can also invite you to take part in some unsavory activities. Sex crimes became more prevalent with the advent of the internet, and they continue to increase in occurrence today. Let’s take a look at the various types of internet sex crimes in today’s post.

Sexting is one of the most popular internet/technology crimes these days. Sexting most often happens using a mobile phone and text messages but it could also include sending sexually charged messages through instant messenger apps or social media accounts. This becomes a crime when it is done with a minor.

Sextortion is a fairly new crime, but is unfortunately becoming more widespread because of the internet. This is when hackers use personal info and data to trick victims into sending nude pictures to them. The hacker might be able to pose as the victim’s spouse or significant other by mimicking their social media account or phone number.

Sex trafficking has taken on whole new levels with the internet. Sex trafficking is not a new crime but much of it is now advertised over the internet. Ads posted online for people seeking sex with teenagers or other minors is considered a form of sex trafficking, which is illegal.

Internet sex crimes come with harsh penalties. Make sure you know the law and what to expect if charged with such a crime. You will want to fight the charges as much as possible in order to receive a reduced charge, reduced sentence or to have the charge dropped completely.