3 tips for avoiding a drunken drive home

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drunk Driving, 0 Comments

People don’t usually plan to drive while intoxicated, but things change once they start drinking. They may have a false sense of self, believing, with confidence, that they can drive even though they’ve been drinking. They could forget that they asked for a ride home and opt to drive themselves. In many cases, people end up behind the wheel who would never choose to drive drunk if making the decision while sober.

There are some good ways to avoid drinking and driving, though, even if you’re someone who doesn’t make the best decisions when intoxicated. Here are three options to keep you off the roads.

1. Plan to stay the night

Plan to stay the night with someone else instead of driving home. You might stay at the house where a party took place or opt to go to a hotel next to the bar you’re going to. Either way, you won’t need to drive.

2. Give away your keys

The next option is to give someone else your keys. It’s a good idea to give them to a bartender, trusted friend or the host of a party, so they can decide if it’s safe for you to drive home.

3. Have a designated driver

Finally, plan to have a designated driver. Choose someone who won’t be drinking, like someone who can’t for medical reasons or who won’t because they don’t enjoy it. This person is more likely to get you home safely than if you try to drive yourself.

These are three tips for avoiding drunk driving. Be safe and avoid getting behind the wheel when intoxicated.