Drug bust leads to the arrest of 23 people before Christmas

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drug Crimes, 0 Comments

When the police perform a raid on a suspected drug operation, there is always a chance that people who are not even involved in trafficking could be arrested. Individuals are often caught up in something that’s far bigger than they may have realized based on their small part in an operation. Addicts can also end up arrested and charged with serious crimes, even if they were merely selling a few drugs on the side to support their habit.

Take for example a case reported on Dec. 22. After an investigation, 23 people were arrested on 40 drug charges in the area near North Carolina’s state line. The investigation into the operation had started in an effort to identify where drugs such as oxycodone, marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and others in the area were coming from.

In total, 23 people were arrested in the raid, but the police have reported that some warrants haven’t yet been served. The people arrested range in age from 18 to well into their 60s, making this a multigenerational drug investigation.

These individuals face charges such as drug possession and drug distribution. Although some may have had minor roles in the operation, they all face serious consequences.

It is important for people in a similar situation to know that there are defenses available, however. When a drug bust occurs, people are often charged with as many offenses as possible to bolster the prosecution’s case. This can be very detrimental to defendants who were involved in a larger drug operation only on a peripheral level.

If you’re arrested during a drug raid, make sure you reach out to your attorney before you speak with the police. You don’t want to say or do anything that could make the prosecution’s case against you stronger. With the right support and assistance, it may be possible to reduce or eliminate charges against you.