34-year-old man charged with drug trafficking in East Raleigh

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RALEIGH, N.C. – Christopher Smith, 34, was arrested by Raleigh police and charged with trafficking cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, and hash. He will also face related charges in federal court.

According to a CBS report, police found large amounts of drugs and cash in his residence at Castle Pines Drive. Federal court documents show that police gathered approximately 10 pounds of cocaine and 19 pounds of marijuana, among other drugs. In addition, documents show that police also found two loaded guns and more than $236,000 in cash. Records show that Mr. Smith has been charged of a similar offense in 2006.

An ABC news report said that drugs found by detectives at the back seat of Mr. Smith’s car prompted the search of his residence on February 4, 2020. Police have been earlier informed that Mr. Smith sold drugs in east Raleigh. In contrast to the seriousness of the charges, neighbors said that Mr. Smith is someone who would always say hello and offer help to the elderly.

Court documents show that Mr. Smith may be a part of a drug-trafficking organization that is being investigated by the FBI, Fayetteville police, and Raleigh police. Mr. Smith is currently in federal custody.

In North Carolina, the minimum penalty for drug trafficking ranges from 25 to 279 months, depending on the type and amount of drugs involved. Drug trafficking is a serious offense that can leave you behind bars for years, even decades. Learn more: Drug Trafficking | Federal Trafficking

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