Do I Need an Attorney if I am Wrongfully Accused of Sexual Assault in North Carolina

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At the Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, our skilled attorneys haves decades of experience handling sexual assault cases and know that a false allegation is something no one can prepare for.

There are many situations and circumstances that can lead to this devastating result, including consensual contact that is later mischaracterized as sexual assault, mistaken identity by the victim, and even malicious intent by the alleged victim.

Most people who have been wrongfully accused of sexual assault believe the truth will set them free.

Unfortunately, innocence is not a defense. And while you have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, that is rarely the case – especially for those who have been accused of a sex crime.

You will need a skilled team of Raleigh criminal defense attorneys to fight for your rights, protect your freedom and integrity, and present the evidence that will exonerate you from this nightmare scenario.

How Can the Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorneys at Marcilliat & Mills PLLC Help?

There are several steps you will need to take right away after a false allegation, investigation, arrest, or charges for sexual assault of any kind that you did not commit, so you can begin proving your innocence.

The first is to partner with an experienced sex crimes attorney in North Carolina who can help protect you immediately, so you do not do or say anything that will damage your defense until we have the opportunity to thoroughly investigate each aspect of the case.

When our clients are wrongfully accused of a sex crime, it is important that they understand the consequences of these allegations and do not simply brush them off as untrue. We believe you, and in you, and want to help prove your innocence, but there are ways you must protect yourself while we build your case.

First, we begin our legal defense by educating our clients on what it takes to win their case, including creating a timeline, pressing the prosecution for the evidence and statements that are allowing them to build a case — where and when it exists beyond an allegation — and educating our client on what they can and cannot do to help strengthen their case.

If you were wrongfully accused of sexual assault in any form in North Carolina, the worst thing you can do is discuss your case with police officers, witnesses, the accuser, or anyone else without consulting with a criminal defense attorney.

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