How Should I Handle a Felony Arrest Warrant in North Carolina?

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If you believe or are aware that a warrant has been issued for your arrest in North Carolina, do not take any chances with the police, your safety, or your rights: Contact our experienced Raleigh criminal defense attorneys to address the origin of the warrant and determine how we can create solutions that allow you to face the charges behind its issuance.

To avoid having a felony warrant hanging over you, and to ensure your overall safety, our Wake County defense lawyers will arrange when and how you turn yourself in and begin designing a strategic legal strategy to pursue a favorable resolution.

Here is why that is your best legal option.

How Can a North Carolina Warrant Result in My Arrest?

There are several ways you can be arrested for an outstanding felony warrant.

First, law enforcement officers can come directly to your home or last known address and arrest you without any further purpose or probable cause.

Another way our clients are arrested for outstanding warrants is to encounter the police in another way, which could include a routine traffic stop.

Individuals who have an outstanding warrant for their arrest are only required to identify themselves or show the police their ID. Once they are taken into custody, we advise all North Carolina residents to observe their rights to remain silent and have an attorney present during questioning.

Talking to law enforcement or saying anything at all between the time you are arrested and the time you are taken to jail will allow the prosecutor’s office to use those words against you later.

Other than identifying yourself, remain silent and contact an attorney.

North Carolina Arrest Warrants Do Not Expire: Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney to Turn Yourself In Safely

Our skilled North Carolina criminal defense attorneys know that facing a felony warrant for your arrest can bring anxiety and stress, even before you have answered for it.

Since the criminal process can be long and full of uncertainty, it is important to talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss the warrant and any criminal history you may have, so you understand your rights and the potential defense strategies and are protected throughout the legal process.

Once we know everything there is to know about you, the warrant, and any previous charges you have faced, we can plan a date and time to turn yourself in.

This is the best course of action for several reasons.

First, the felony arrest warrant is not going to expire. That means any time a law enforcement officer runs your information, your warrant is going to appear in the results, and you will be arrested.

Next, if you are stopped for a traffic violation, not only are you going to jail, but the officers then have probable cause to search you and your vehicle, which could result in additional charges.

Finally, police officers may panic when an individual has an outstanding felony warrant and become overzealous in their arrest. This can include being afraid and mistaking your cellphone for a handgun, which directly puts your life in danger.

When our leading criminal defense attorneys in Wake County accompany you to the police station, law enforcement will be much more likely to handle your case by the book, and without violent interaction.

Your safety is paramount. Allow us to fully advise you of your rights, tell you what is going to happen next, and provide a strategic legal strategy to pursue the best results for your unique circumstances.

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