What Happens When a North Carolina Teacher is Facing Sex Crimes?

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At the Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, our Raleigh criminal defense attorneys know that being accused of a sex crime is life-changing for any of our North Carolina residents, as the stigma of impropriety related to sexual offenses — even when they are false can disrupt the individual’s personal and professional life today, and continue to follow them into the future.

If you are a teacher, professor, or part of a school or educational environment’s staff — no matter the age of your students and you have been accused of a sex crime, your reputation, integrity, career, and very freedom is in danger.

Our Wake County sex crimes defense attorneys can help ensure your rights are protected throughout the investigation, so you are treated fairly throughout the legal process.

Allegations of Teacher Misconduct Must Be Handled Properly By the School & Law Enforcement in North Carolina

Because of the nature of the student-teacher relationship, there is an increased outrage during sexual abuse allegations involving the two parties and an intensified emotional stigma that begins with the accusation and remains long before our clients can tell their stories inside a courtroom.

No matter the accusation, all teachers have rights, and they must be protected throughout the investigation.

During an allegation of sexual misconduct between a teacher and a student, designated school officials must be notified.

The school has the right to investigate educator compliance with the codes of conduct and interview all involved parties or witnesses who can support or deny the allegation.

If there is a reasonable basis to suspect sexual abuse or another criminal violation occurred, the school can alert law enforcement to the accusations.

While the investigation is underway, the disciplinary review committee may suspend or revoke the teacher’s license temporarily, during which time the accused cannot work in a position that requires his or her license.

While the teacher’s license is suspended, criminal charges may proceed, which could lead to an immediate arrest. At this point, the teacher’s reputation is significantly compromised, as word begins to spread around the school, their communities, and professional affiliations.

The teacher has a right to defend themselves to their superiors, to the licensing committee and review boards, and the police from the accusations, which includes having a criminal defense attorney by their side throughout questioning.

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At the Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, we believe our clients are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We also know that those who are accused of sex crimes against students and even non-students are not treated with the same security or legal dignity they deserve.

We provide the legal protection our clients need, prioritizing facts over allegations and developing effective defense strategies that provide the respect they are entitled to, as we build their cases for success.

If you are a teacher who has been accused of sexual crimes against a student, which could include indecent liberties with a child, sexual abuse, rape, and child pornography, among others, your reputation, integrity, career, and life are on the line. Do not leave your future to chance.

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