We have handled over 5000 cases in the last 12 years.
Here are just a few examples of the results we’ve obtained…

Homicide/Murder Case Results

Charge Dismissed

  • Charges: First Degree Murder N.C.G.S. §14-17
  • Facing: Mandatory life sentence
  • Result: Charge Dismissed
  • Case Name: Confidential per client request
  • Our client was charged with First Degree murder after using his concealed carry weapon to defend himself and his young child in an altercation. Despite only conducting a short investigation, police charged our client with First Degree Murder just a few hours after arresting him. If convicted, our client would have been sentenced to life in prison. We acted quickly to point out to the District Attorney the inconsistencies in the investigation. We presented evidence that our client acted in self-defense and the District Attorney dismissed the case. Read about how attorney Kevin Marcilliat helped prove our client’s innocence.