We have handled over 5000 cases in the last 12 years.
Here are just a few examples of the results we’ve obtained…

Property Crimes Case Results

Charge Dismissed

  • Charge: First Degree Burglary
  • Facing: 51-74 Months in Prison and Status as a Convicted Felon
  • Result: Charge Dismissed
  • North Carolina v. T.M.: Our client was charged with First Degree Burglary for retrieving her personal property from her ex’s residence immediately following the break-up. Subsequent the arrest, the accuser admitted he involved law enforcement out of spite. The accuser provided our office an Affidavit indicating the same. Upon review of the Affidavit, as well as the list of personal items taken from the residence, the Assistant District Attorney declined to prosecute.
  • Attorney: PMP

Charge Dismissed

  • Charge: Felony Embezzlement
  • Facing: 6-17 Months in Prison and Status as a Convicted Felon
  • Result: Charge Dismissed
  • North Carolina v. J.S.: Our client, who was a high-level employee for a major retailer, was falsely accused of embezzling merchandise from her company totaling more than $15,000. After reviewing the State’s evidence and determining that there were multiple deficiencies in the police investigation, our firm performed an independent investigation of the facts that led to the discovery of a key defense witness whose testimony completely exonerated our client of any wrongdoing. Upon presenting this witness’ sworn testimony to the assigned prosecutor, all charges against our client were promptly dismissed.
  • Attorney: KMM

Plea to 2nd Degree Burglary with Probation

  • Charge: Felony 1st Degree Burglary, 2 Counts Assault Government Official, Larceny, Consume Alcohol <21, Carrying Concealed Weapon, and Simple Possession Marijuana (Juvenile Court)
  • Facing: Juvenile Detention until 19th Birthday
  • Result: Plea to 2nd Degree Burglary with Probation
  • North Carolina v. D.P.M.: Our client was only 15 years old when he was caught by police in a severely intoxicated state after breaking into an occupied residence at night and stealing a flat screen TV among other items. Given that he was already on juvenile probation at the time of the offense, our client faced a very real possibility of a juvenile court judge separating him from his family and committing him to a juvenile detention facility. Over a period of almost 6 months while the case was pending, our firm continuously worked to help restore the client’s reputation by helping him and his family gain access to appropriate community resources, which ultimately led to a marked improvement in the client’s school attendance, grades, and respect for his parents’ rules. As a result, the District Attorney’s Office agreed to allow the client to plead to a reduced charge, and our firm successfully argued over the course of two dispositional hearings that the client should receive juvenile probation rather than detention.
  • Attorney: KMM

Charges: Felony Breaking/Entering and Felony Larceny After B&E (N.C.G.S. § 14-72)

Facing: 12-34 Months in Prison
Result: Dismissed

North Carolina vs. R.B. – Our client, who had separated from her husband but was not yet divorced, was accused of entering her husband’s car using a key still in her possession and “stealing” items that were arguably marital property for the benefit of the couple’s children. After successfully arguing to the prosecutor that the actions of our client were not illegal, the charges were dismissed.

Attorney: KMM

Charges: 22 Counts of Embezzlement (N.C.G.S. § 14-90)

Facing: 132-374 Months in prison (up to 31 Years)
Result: Probation

North Carolina vs. D.A. – Our client was accused of embezzling over $57,000.00 from her employer over the course of several years. Despite the fact that she was facing up to 31 years in prison, we successfully negotiated a sentence of Supervised Probation.

Attorney: KMM

Charges: Felony Probation Violation (N.C.G.S. § 15A-1344)

Facing: Revocation of Probation and Active Prison Sentence
Result: Probation Terminated Successfully

North Carolina vs. S.B. – Our client was on probation for Felony Breaking and Entering and faced the possibility of having his probation revoked after he moved from North Carolina to Louisiana for an incredible job opportunity, and his probation transfer was never processed. During a hearing in front of the same Superior Court judge that initially sentenced our client, we successfully argued that our client had complied with the Court’s orders to the best of his ability, and it was in everyone’s best interest that he be allowed to continue his new job in Louisiana. As a result of our efforts, our client’s probation was terminated early without any violations.

Attorney: KMM

Accusation: Felony Larceny and Breaking & Entering with Intent to Commit Larceny

Facing: 12-34 months
Result: No charges filed

State v. A.W. — Client was caught on video entering a locked tool shed and stealing numerous pieces of farm equipment from his neighbor. We were able to gather evidence that our client had a substance abuse problem, which lead to his actions. The owner of the property agreed not to proceed with filing a report against our client in exchange for full repayment of the stolen property and proof that our client completed a substance abuse treatment program.

Attorney: MJM