Memorial Weekend Checkpoint Leads to Wilmington DWI Charges

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A five hour DWI checkpoint facilitated by numerous law enforcement agencies led to dozens of citations and arrests. The weekend Wilmington checkpoint netted eight DWI arrests.

Law enforcement ran the Port City checkpoint from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. Sunday along Wrightsville Avenue and French Road. A second checkpoint was operated at Andover Road and Rose Avenue to prevent drivers from avoiding the first stop, according to local news reports.

Authorities reported that the holiday checkpoint led to the following charges and citations:

Law enforcement officers said they were stopping every car during the five hour window to promote safety. Many cars stopped in Port City were beachgoers returning from a day spent outside.

Eight different law enforcement agencies participated in the holiday checkpoint, including the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, Wilmington Police and New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement agencies throughout North Carolina regularly run checkpoint stops during holiday weekends. While many motorists are caught off guard by these checkpoints, the DWI checkpoints can act as a deterrent to holiday drinking and driving. Drunk driving and DWI violations usually increase during Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Holiday and Labor Day Weekend as more people are out celebrating these three summer weekends.

Source: WECT “Check point nabs drunk drivers and more,” Craig Reck, 5/29/2011

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