North Carolina “Teen Mom” Arrested for Violating Protection Order

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Janelle Evans, a mother on the MTV show “Teen Mom 2,” has been arrested for the second time in one week, according to local reports.

The North Carolina mother is accused of violating a domestic violence order of protection filed by a former roommate. The 20-year-old allegedly made harassing phone calls and threats to her old roommate. She was released on $1000 bond shortly following her arrest in Brunswick County, North Carolina.

Evans was also men arrested last week for similar criminal charges of making harassing phone calls and communicating threats. Last March, the woman was charged with assault and received 12 months probation for the criminal offense. In August 2011, Evans was charged with violating parole after a scheduled drug test revealed marijuana and opiates in her system.

Evans’ lawyer said that everyone would soon see that she is innocent of the most recent allegations. A status update posted by Evans on Facebook said that the allegations of harassment by her former roommate are in retaliation to accusations that the former roommate’s current roommate was cyber stalking her. Evans wrote, “Yes u set me up and yes u will go down. CAN’T WAIT FOR COURT.”

Source: ABC News, “Janelle Evans arrested for second time in less than a week,” 1/17/2012