Former Teacher’s Assistant Faces Federal Drug Charges

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A Johnston County Teacher’s Assistant was accused by federal prosecutors of selling drugs within 1000 feet of a school. Twenty-nine year old Winston Evans faces four counts of federal drug charges related to two instances that took place earlier this year, according to the Department of Justice.

Evans’ drug charges include the knowing and intentional distribution of heroin, the distribution of heroin with 1,000 feet of a school and possession of a firearm. Evans was placed on administrative leave from Smithfield-Selma High in Johnston County after being arrested for the drug offenses. He was let go from the school shortly thereafter.

Guns And Drugs Do Not Mix

Possessing, selling, trafficking, delivering, manufacturing and cultivation of drugs are all crimes on their own and can trigger federal minimum sentencing guidelines. Carrying a gun while committing a drug crime is considered an aggravating factor the underlying drug charge. That means that you may face additional penalties including a longer prison and probation sentence as well as higher fines if you are caught with a firearm while committing a drug offense.

In addition, after a conviction for a federal felony offense – whether for drugs or another charge – you will be prohibited by law from carrying a firearm. If you are caught with a firearm after a felony conviction, you can go back to prison simply for carrying a gun, regardless of whether you were using the weapon to commit another crime or not. In other words, it is against the law to use a firearm to hunt if you have a federal felony conviction on your record.

Source: NBC17, “Teacher assistant charged with selling heroin near high school,” September 5, 2012