NC Teen Continues To Have Trouble With Drug Charges

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Three spent shells in the front yard and at least one call reporting gun shots fired led to the third arrest of a North Carolina teen this week. Eighteen-year-old Brandon Rumple of Kannapolis now faces is third drug crimes case; two are still pending.

Rumple had previously been charged with possession of 200 grams of heroin. While serving community service, he was again arrested after police reportedly found him trying to dispose of heroin in a port-a-potty. That find led to a trafficking in heroin charge. Officers had been alerted to a suspected drug deal going down at the recycling center where Rumple was serving community service.

Rumple has also faced drug charges of delivering heroin.

At 18, he’s accumulated quite a criminal history. During the recent investigation and search of his home, Rumple was found to be in possession of a firearm and charged as a felon in possession. He also faces drug trafficking charges stemming from the most recent arrest.

His bond was set at $50,000. Because he had to put up cash, likely through the use of a bail bondsman, this type of bond is called a secured bond. The bond amount is set at a level that is intended to ensure he will return to court for his next scheduled appearance.

He was on probation for a prior offense; that probation was revoked.

Perhaps this third brush with the law will be “the charm” for this young North Carolina man. He will likely be spending time in prison for this offense.

Source: Charlotte Observer, “Rowan man faces more drug-related charges,” July 5, 2013

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