Star of Teen Mom 2 Facing Drug Charges in North Carolina Next Month

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MTV’s Teen Mom 2 began its season last night with a star already shrouded in controversy. One of the show’s stars was arrested and charged with breaking and entering as well as drug possession. Now some are speculating the teen mom could lose custody of her son.

The breaking and entering and drug charges stem from an arrest in North Carolina this past October. The reality TV star and Oak Island, NC resident was waiting for her boyfriend to come to pick her up from inside an abandoned house. She was discovered in the house by police. The girl had a bag of marijuana and a pipe in her possession at the time.

The latest drug arrest isn’t the only time the young girl has found herself in trouble with the law. She was previously sued by her mother for allegedly stealing her mother’s credit card. The mother decided not to file charges in this matter contingent upon the successful completion of a payment plan. The daughter has also been arrested for trespassing in the last two years, and at one point ran away from home long enough to necessitate the filing of a missing person report.

The girl is expected to appear in a North Carolina courtroom in February to face the breaking and entering, drug possession, and drug paraphernalia charges. The judge’s ruling could play an integral part in her pending child custody case, as the girl’s mother is attempting to gain custody of the grandson due to the TV star’s erratic and violent behavior.

It will be interesting to see how close the TV series will be able to follow their star as she faces her drug charges.

Source: The Hollywood Gossip “Jenelle Evans: Losing Her Baby FOREVER!!” 1/12/11

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