Personal Aide Charged with Fraud of Disabled Man

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A Virginia woman who was the personal aide for a disabled North Carolina man has been charged with several counts of fraud. The woman allegedly took out a cell phone in the disabled man’s name and then charged more than $1000 in expenses.

The man reported the incident to North Carolina law enforcement authorities. The woman has been charged with a number of theft and white collar crimes, including felony exploitation of a disabled person, felony obtaining property by false pretense, misdemeanor larceny and misdemeanor possession of stolen goods.

The woman was recently extradited from Virginia to North Carolina to face the criminal charges against her. Her criminal record in North Carolina includes citations for identity theft and 16 counts of worthless checks.

Fraud, theft and other crimes are taken seriously in North Carolina. In this case, the criminal charges are more serious because the woman was the personal aide to the man from whom she stole. The grievous nature of the property theft and identity theft to purchase the phone is what led to the felony exploitation charges against the woman.

In most cases where someone takes advantage of a disabled or elderly person, the charges will be more severe. It is important for family members of a disabled or elderly person to carefully monitor his or her finances to protect against this type of fraud.

Source: “Personal Aide Charged with Defrauding Disabled Halifax Man,” 6/26/2011

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