Possible Fraud Prompts NC to Halt All Medicaid Benefits

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North Carolina has halted the Medicaid benefits to a well-known provider present in eight counties in the western part of the state. The Division of Medical Assistance has stopped providing Medicaid benefits to New River Behavioral Healthcare after four alleged instances of fraud were uncovered.

The healthcare provider serves nearly 13,000 in western North Carolina. Recently, however, the provider has become troubled by fraud allegations and signs of possible embezzlement. There is a meeting scheduled on November 15 to determine whether the provider should be dissolved all together.

In tough times, white collar crimes such as embezzlement, money laundering and government benefits fraud grow. In this case, the allegations of fraud have resulted in the provider losing $3 million and all Medicaid funds have been suspended.

The consequences of white collar crime can be catastrophic for both a business and an individual. It’s important to contact a skilled North Carolina criminal defense lawyer if you’ve been accused of fraud or another type of white collar crime.

Source: The Sun News, “NC Cuts Medicaid to Provider After Fraud Charges,” 10/12/2011

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