North Carolina Man Accused Of Fraud In Hawaii

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Marc Hubbard was being held in jail in North Carolina on federal fraud charges was released by order of a federal judge earlier this month. He was not free man though; the judge released him so that he could travel, on his own, to Hawaii for his arraignment on those federal charges.

The Federal Prosecutors had requested that Hubbard be released to U.S. Marshals for escort to Hawaii but the judge denied that request.

According to the federal indictment, Hubbard was involved in a scheme intended to persuade the University of Hawaii that Stevie Wonder would perform a concert on campus. The University sent a $200,000 deposit, $120,000 of which Hubbard is accused of pocketing.

The concert was supposed to be a fundraiser but was cancelled once Stevie Wonder’s people confirmed that he was not involved in the agreement. The money then ‘disappeared.’ Miami event promoter Sean Barriero has already plead guilty to his role in the fraud and is cooperating with federal authorities in their investigation of Hubbard.

Hubbard’s criminal record includes other instances of fraud – in 1995 he plead guilty to wire and postal fraud charges, resulting in an order of probation and restitution. He is under investigation for a separate entertainment fraud relating to another phony concert, this one involving Alicia Keys in South Carolina.

He is accused of selling $700,000 worth of investments related to the made-up Keys concert.

Source: Hawaii Reporter, “North Carolina Suspect in UH Fraud Case To Appear Here Next Week,” November 13, 2012

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