North Carolina Men Charged in Connection with Defrauding an Elderly Woman

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South Carolina law enforcement authorities have charged two North Carolina men with defrauding an elderly woman. The 84-year-old woman was allegedly defrauded out of thousands of dollars by two Asheville men on two separate occasions in 2010.

While the circumstances of the actual fraud have not been released, the men have been charged with exploiting a vulnerable adult and obtaining goods under false pretenses. One of the men was arrested and charged in January and the other was just recently arrested and charged.

Fraud and other white collar crimes that involve theft or stolen property from vulnerable adults such as the elderly or the disabled carry the risk of an increased penalty. That’s because the law recognizes that vulnerable individuals are at greater risk for being taken advantage of by criminals.

North Carolina white collar crime charges include embezzlement, fraud, government benefits fraud, theft and forgery. These crimes are heavily prosecuted in North Carolina to deter future fraud and to show the public the harm caused by these crimes.

Simple acts can quickly escalate into serious white collar crime charges. If you’ve been accused of fraud or theft, it’s critical that you contact a criminal defense lawyer to fight for your rights.

Source: The Republic, “Authorities: 2 NC Men Defrauded 84-year-old Thousands of Dollars,” 7/8/2011

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