Drug Trafficking Charges Filed Against NASCAR Crew Members

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Two NASCAR crew members were arrested after law enforcement officers caught them in possession of 10 and a half pounds of marijuana in North Carolina. The pair faces drug trafficking charges, among other North Carolina drug charges.

Both men were employed by Earnhardt Ganassi Racing (EGR). Allegedly, the pair had the marijuana shipped from California. Police were alerted to the incoming marijuana and they initiated a sting operation to catch the two with the illegal drugs.

The owner of EGR issued a statement last week. “I am extremely disappointed with the news that we received about two of our crew members,” he said. “We have a zero tolerance policy in this organization and effective immediately both individuals’ employment has been terminated.”

One of the men was the front tire changer for Juan Montoya, while the other man was a mechanic. The latter was charged with one count of trafficking and one count of possession with the intent to deliver. The former man was charged with one count of trafficking marijuana, one count of possession with the intent to sell and deliver and one count of maintaining a dwelling to distribute marijuana.

Source: Fox News “NASCAR Crew Members Arrested for Trafficking Marijuana,” 8/11/2011