Facing North Carolina’s intimidating criminal justice system is not easy. Anyone suspected of (or charged with) criminal activity needs a guide who can lead them through the justice system while protecting their rights. At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, our Raleigh criminal defense lawyers are just the people you need.

Our law firm provides award-winning legal services to clients in the Jacksonville area who need help defending their rights. We pride ourselves on our positive attorney-client relationship, in which we provide you with the legal advice you deserve. Whether negotiating with the district attorney or representing you in court, Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, is here to defend you.

Understanding Criminal Law In North Carolina

Criminal justice is a field that you never had to think about. It was something that existed only in newspapers or on television. But now that you are under suspicion for criminal activity, you think of nothing but criminal law every day.

Criminal law in North Carolina is very intricate and can be difficult to understand. For example, did you know that our state’s drunk driving laws are much harsher than those in other states? Did you know that our marijuana possession laws tend to be looser than other states where the substance is still criminalized? You need to work with a skilled law firm that understands the nuances of our state’s laws.

With decades of combined experience the defense lawyers at Marcilliat & Mills PLLC have what it takes to fight effectively for clients.

The lawyers on our team attended some of the finest law schools in the area, which consistently ranks in the top 10 best law schools by U.S. News. We can anticipate the steps that law enforcement and the prosecution follow in criminal cases. For years, we have successfully defended our clients’ rights through all stages of the criminal process in North Carolina.

Are You A Marine Corps Member Facing Criminal Accusations?

You may not realize that you could face criminal charges in the civilian justice system in addition to court-martial proceedings. Our lawyers represent military servicemembers facing all types of charges in North Carolina courts, including serious accusations of sexual misconduct.

Public Versus Private Legal Representation In North Carolina

You may be worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer. The state does provide a free court-appointed attorney to anyone who cannot afford private representation. This is called indigent defense services.

Having free legal services may sound tempting. But before you settle for a public defender, you should learn more about public and private legal representation in North Carolina.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring A Private Criminal Defense Attorney?

Hiring a private law firm can give you a leg up in your defense. While most public defenders are quite capable attorneys, they are often overburdened with cases. You may not get the same one-on-one attention, close attorney-client relationship and same depth of legal advice that you would with a private lawyer. But a private attorney can provide the resources and high quality of legal services that you deserve.

Further, you do not get to choose the public defender you work with. The court assigns you one. The court-appointed lawyer may not have much experience; they might be straight out of law school. And if you don’t like their personality or defense strategy, you usually can’t choose another public defender, absent some conflict of interest or professional conduct issue.

You have much more control when you hire your own lawyer. You can read client testimonials and meet the attorney face-to-face before hiring them.

At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, we understand that hiring a defense lawyer is a big decision. We provide a FREE initial consultation so you can feel comfortable and confident moving forward.

Why Hire Our Criminal Defense Attorneys In Jacksonville, NC

There are several important factors to look for in a private law firm. You must hire a legal team that is qualified to defend you against the specific criminal charges you face. When you have an initial consultation with a lawyer, do not hesitate to ask about their firm’s qualifications.

Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, can provide a list of our many qualifications. Ours include:

  • Three attorneys on the Top 100 Trial Lawyers list
  • Selection to the National Association of Distinguished Counsel
  • Three attorneys selected for Super Lawyers
  • An AVVO 10/10 “Superb” rating
  • An AVVO Client’s Choice Award

Additionally, our lawyers have attended prestigious post-law school institutions like the Trial Lawyers College.

No other criminal defense firm in North Carolina has this same caliber of legal talent, education and experience.

Another factor to look at is the firm’s past case results. The criminal law firm you hire should have a strong track record of favorable results. At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, ours include:

  • Dismissing the sex offense charges against a client who faced 30 years in prison
  • Dismissing the forgery charges against a client who faced 10 years in prison
  • A not-guilty verdict in a first-degree murder case
  • Reduced charges and a reduced sentence in a drug trafficking case
  • Less than half the recommended sentence for a child pornography conviction

Read more about our many success stories.*

Don’t Go It Alone | Get Experienced Legal Help Today

If you have never before faced investigation or arrest for a criminal charge, you may feel understandably intimidated by the criminal justice system. The last thing you need is the risk and stress of a do-it-yourself approach. Taking the initiative to educate yourself about criminal law is an admirable step, but it’s no replacement for hiring a lawyer.

If you attempt to handle your case on your own, you could make an expensive and time-consuming mistake. When your rights, reputation and freedom are on the line, it’s well worth the cost to get an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible.

Call 919-838-6643 to request your free consultation. We have convenient offices across North Carolina, including Wilmington, Greensboro, Waxhaw, Charlotte and Raleigh.

*Each case is different and must be evaluated on its individual facts. We work hard to assess each case individually. Prior results do not guarantee any future outcome.

State v. B.S.: Not Guilty Verdict in First Degree Murder Case..

In this case, our client was charged with First Degree Murder in connection with a “drive by” shooting that occurred in Charlotte, NC. The State’s evidence included GPS ankle monitoring data linking our client was at the scene of the crime and evidence that our client confessed to an inmate while in jail. Nonetheless, we convinced a jury to unanimously find our client Not Guilty. He was released from jail the same day.

State v. S.G.: First Degree Murder Charge Dismissed..

Our client was charged with First Degree for the shooting death related to an alleged breaking and entering. The State’s evidence included a co-defendant alleging that our client was the shooter. After conducting a thorough investigation with the use of a private investigator, we persuaded the State to dismiss entirely the case against our client.

State v. B.D.: First Degree Murder Charged Dismissed..

After conducting an investigation and communicating with prosecutor about the facts and circumstances indicating that our client acted in self-defense, the case was dismissed and deemed a justifiable homicide.

State v. I.R.: Reduction from First Degree Murder to Involuntary Manslaughter and Concealment of Death..

Our client was charged with the First Degree Murder of a young lady by drug overdose. After investigating the decedent’s background and hiring a preeminent expert toxicologist to fight the State’s theory of death, we were able to negotiate this case down from Life in prison to 5 years in prison, with credit for time served.

State v. J.G.: .

Our client was charged with First Degree Murder related to a “drug deal gone bad.” After engaging the services of a private investigator and noting issues with the State’s case, we were able to negotiate a plea for our client that avoided a Life sentence and required him to serve only 12 years.