“Pervert”. “Sicko”. “Scum”.

It hurts to hear a man you love being called these things by people who know him as the subject of a criminal charge – rather than a human being.

They casually seek to place your loved one behind bars and ruin the rest of his life, not giving his potential innocence or the long-term ramifications of their actions a second thought.

What if he was their husband? Their son?

You know better and so do the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Marcilliat & Mills PLLC. We have been practicing criminal defense in North Carolina for almost our entire careers. We know that good person can find themselves on the wrong side of criminal charges and we know that innocent people can be accused of heinous offenses such as rape, exploitation, or internet sex crimes.

Act Now To Protect Your Loved One

If your partner or son has been questioned by the police or someone from an agency such as Child Protective Services (CPS), sexually-based criminal charges are possibly around the corner.

It’s important to act quickly to protect the rights of your loved ones rights as soon as you have reason to believe that they are being accused of sexual misconduct.

We offer proven representation from professionals who understand both sides of these cases. We understands how these cases are built and where their weak points are.

Whether a man you care about has been accused of a crime involving children or sexual assault, we can help protect their presumption of innocence and make sure the burden of proof remains on the prosecution.

Fight Back Today By Taking The First Step

Serious accusations require a serious defense. Contact us anytime for a free, confidential consultation with our experienced defense attorneys.