We will not allow an unfair trial under the government’s accusations of “sex crimes.”

At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, our philosophy is straightforward: Aggressive criminal defense that puts people first.

You are a person, not a monster.

Very few crimes are as politicized and reviled than sex crimes in America. It doesn’t matter what state you’re from, where you live, or that you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. The court of public opinion in the news media will treat you like a monster. Everything from your family and job to your reputation and future is at stake.

Are you guilty? That’s not a question we ask.

It’s hard for non-lawyers to believe, but the American system of criminal justice – innocent until proven guilty – doesn’t require lawyers to care about a person’s guilt or innocence. After all, “guilty” only comes at the end of a trial, not before.

The only thing we care about is that you get a fair trial and an excellent defense. Who else is going to defend you? The government certainly won’t. Neither will friends and family in many cases, who would just as soon disappear rather than be associated with a sex crime.

At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, we put the government to its proof, and we don’t quit.

What are you looking for in a sex crimes defense lawyer?

One of the things people need to hear is that not every person accused of a sex crime is a monster who must be locked away forever. Evidence, logic and reason all matter.

We are advocates who will stand up next to you in court.

  • “I am not afraid to stand with him and fight for him.” – Attorney Miranda Mills

Our drive to succeed in law for our clients extends to every lawyer and staff member at the firm.

Attorney Miranda Mills, for example, has a history of defending men facing sex charges. Her goal is to counter what the government and media often make her clients out to be – and show to the judge and jury that her client isn’t quite as terrible as everyone believes.

At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, we handle the toughest cases, from sexual exploitation of a minor to child pornography to rape and sexual assault. Read about our sex offenses case results to learn more.

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Whether it’s a jury acquittal, a reduction in charges, a dismissal, or avoiding prosecution altogether, we do everything in our power to defend our clients. And we defend them in all 100 counties in North Carolina, as well as the federal Eastern, Middle, and Western Districts, from the mountains to the coast.

If you’ve been accused of a sexual offense, don’t wait for the situation to calm down. That’s not going to happen. Take action for your future and discuss your options today.

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