Federal crimes have the potential to completely alter your life. Whether you face charges for illegal distribution of drugs, illegal possession of a firearm or a white-collar crime like bank fraud, know that convictions for federal crimes can bear serious, often unchangeable penalties.

At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, we are an experienced team of award-winning attorneys well-versed in criminal defense and federal laws. From fighting for dropped charges to negotiating sentences, our pursuit of our clients’ best possible outcome is unmatched across North Carolina.

Stand A Chance Against Severe Penalties

In 2018, nearly 60% of convicted federal crime offenders were not relieved from mandatory minimum penalties. This means that courts are taking federal crimes quite seriously across the board. The average jailtime penalty for a firearms offender was about 150 months after mandatory sentencing. Drug offenders received an average of about 130 months per conviction.

Even considerably lighter crimes like identity theft can result in a sentence of four to six years imprisonment. Our wide-ranging experiences in varying case types, representing individuals from all walks of life, has given us the knowledge and skill you need in the courtroom.

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