Conviction for federal robbery crimes can bring an array of punishments. Offenders may face such punishments as imprisonment, probation, fines, potentially community service and restitution. Some of these will coincide with the mandatory minimum sentencing associated with your crime, and others will be added to those minimum sentences.

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Federal crimes are generally those that involve operations across state lines or involving federal organizations. A bank heist, for example, is a federal crime of robbery. While there are minimum sentences for federal crimes, penalties may also depend on such factors as the amount of money or goods stolen. The defendants background may also play a factor: Is there a history of robbery? Or, are they a first-time offender?

There are various ways to approach your robbery defense strategy. We have a team of well-prepared lawyers who understand the process and what prosecutors pursue in their attempt to influence a high-punishment conviction. We are an award-winning firm for a reason – we put in the work necessary to provide our clients with an effective defense.

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