It should be no surprise to people that banks are common targets of fraudulent behavior. As our primary source for financial assistance and facilitators of our income, banks are at the root of our consumerist lives. That said, federal bank fraud crimes result in severe consequences for the offender. If you or a loved one face charges such as these, connect with an attorney well-versed in federal criminal defense.

At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, we have a successful track record of representing clients whose criminal charges threaten their very livelihood. Bank fraud and other white-collar crimes warrant severe punishments and can even mean decades in prison. Our lawyers have the diligence and resources necessary to fight for your future.

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Bank fraud crimes can be simple matters of theft from forgery or other deceptive actions. They can also be complex and involve thoroughly planned schemes and falsified information regarding properties or other assets.

Whether the crime is simple or complicated, the case will need a thorough investigation of the facts. That is where we come in. Our defense team will examine all relevant facts in pursuit of your best possible outcome. We will be your advocate as you face this burden.

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