Federal charges mean the possibility of serious punishment.

Even in federal cases that don’t involve mandatory minimum sentencing (which often makes the length of prison time worse than it should be), the federal government has substantial resources at its disposal, and will make every effort to prove its case.

And if it proves its case, the possibility of a significant amount of prison time is very likely.

The prospect of a conviction on federal charges is not a time to choose an attorney based on price alone. Marcilliat & Mills PLLC federal defense attorneys have devoted their career to mastering the art and practice of criminal defense. To request a consultation, call 919-838-6643 or send us an email.

Just as each case is different, each client is different. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to paying for effective criminal defense. We offer:

  • No-hassle automatic billing. Payments of fees for your criminal defense can be deducted automatically from your checking or savings account.

We also accept all major credit cards as payment for our criminal defense services.

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