Man Attempted To Rape Woman After Bumping Bike Tire With SUV

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During an early-morning grocery run, a 22-year-old woman claims that she was sexually assaulted by 29-year-old Philippe Warren Joseph Saieed. Saieed reportedly bumped her with his SUV while she was riding her bike home from the grocery store in Cameron Village. He then offered her a ride home, but instead of taking her home, attempted to rape her on a side street. She escaped from the alleged assault and reported the attempted sex offense to the police.

Saeed had been captured on the grocery store’s security camera and police were able to track him down based on the camera images and the woman’s description. Once investigators located Saieed’s 2006 Ford Escape, a search of the vehicle turned up clothing that the woman had noted he was wearing during the attack: a blue t-shirt, white gym shorts, and a New York Yankees hat.

Saeed had previously been arrested by North Carolina State University police for a separate assault charge. The more recent Cameron Village attack resulted in charges including assault.

What Is An Attempt Crime In North Carolina?

North Carolina criminal law allows for individuals to be punished for attempting to commit a misdemeanor or felony, regardless of whether they were actually able to do so. In Chapter 14 of the North Carolina criminal laws, the punishment for an attempt to commit a felony or misdemeanor is a level below the actual crime itself. For example, an attempt to commit a Class B2 felony is punished as a Class C felony.

There are some exceptions to the punishment for attempted crimes in North Carolina. Your criminal defense attorney can explain the potential consequences of a conviction if you have been charged with a crime or an attempt to commit a crime.

Source: WRAL, “Man arrested in attempted rape case near Cameron Village,” July 2, 2012

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