Charlotte limo driver charged for alleged rape and assault of passenger

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CHARLOTTE N.C. – Officers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have arrested a limo driver for allegedly raping and strangling a female passenger.

CMPD said that 37-year-old limo driver, Albeno Maywal, allegedly picked up a 45-year-old woman along North Tryon Street in uptown Charlotte on December 23, 2019. According to police, Maywal then allegedly raped and assaulted the woman inside the limo. The warrant stated that the alleged assault involved strangulation. The woman also allegedly suffered serious burns to her lower extremities from a propane-fueled device, a report said. Police were informed four days after the alleged incident took place.

A representative of the Historic Wilmore, the neighborhood where Mr. Maywal operated his limousine business, made allegations that Mr. Maywal was also involved in sex trafficking and drug dealing. The nature of Mr. Maywal’s business was concerning to some homeowners, the report said.

Mr. Maywal was charged with the following offenses:

Under NC law, First-Degree rape is a Class B1 felony and Second-Degree rape is a Class C felony. In North Carolina, a person commits second-degree rape if they force or act against the will of another person to engage in vaginal intercourse. If the perpetrator either possessed a deadly weapon, inflicted serious bodily injury on the victim, or was aided by one or more persons, the charge can be elevated to First-Degree Forcible Rape.

Offense Felony Class Minimum Presumptive Prison Sentence (assuming no prior criminal history)
First-Degree Forcible Rape B1 192 months
Second-Degree Forcible Rape C 58 months

If a person is convicted of rape in NC, the court will consider the defendant’s criminal history and the existence of any aggravating or mitigating factors when determining the length of the prison sentence.

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All individuals accused of crimes are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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