Man ID’d For Rape While Walking Down The Street In Carrboro

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Nineteen-year-old Alejandro Romero was charged with rape and burglary after a woman he allegedly sexually assaulted identified him while he was walking down South Greensboro Street in Carrboro. The woman notified police and Romero was arrested at a nearby Wendy’s.

The alleged sexual assault victim told police that she woke up to a stranger in her home on Friday morning. While she and her children were home, police say Romero walked in through an unlocked door and raped her.

Sexual Assault In North Carolina

A conviction for sexual assault can mean a prison sentence of up to 20 years, possibly longer depending on the specific circumstances of the crime and any past criminal history of the defendant. Even after being released from prison, an individual convicted of sexual assault will have to register with the North Carolina sex offender registry and can face additional punishment for failing to do so.

The length of time that an individual must remain on the sex offender registry is typically determined at sentencing. This time cannot be shortened unless the conviction is set aside, reversed or vacated or an unconditional pardon of the sex offense is granted.

A strong criminal defense strategy is important for anyone facing sexual assault charges. Often the accused is considered guilty by the public as soon as the victim’s story is told. But, as with anything , there are two sides to every story and an experienced sexual assault defense attorney can help tell yours.

Source: NewsObserver, “Carrboro man charged with rape and burglary,” September 10, 2012

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