Late Night Encounter Ends In Rape, Kidnapping Charges

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A Charlotte man is accused of raping a woman late Sunday night in the courtyard area of an apartment complex. Police reported that several witnesses heard the woman’s cries and attempted to stop the alleged sexual assault; when others got involved in the altercation, the 21-year-old suspect fled on foot.

Officers later arrested Christian Pinzon-Reyes on charges of sexual assault and kidnapping related to the altercation in the courtyard. He has been charged with second degree forcible rape, among other criminal charges.

Second degree forcible rape in North Carolina may be charged when an alleged victim asserts that vaginal intercourse occurred against his or her will. If an alleged assailant uses a weapon while committing the act, the charge would be first degree forcible rape. In addition, vaginal intercourse with a child under 12 by someone over 12 but under 18 is considered first degree rape.

A rape conviction in North Carolina will carry with it a substantial prison term as well as a requirement to register as a sex offender for a term of years to life if you are ever released. It is important to discuss your options with an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer right away to secure the best opportunity to fight rape charges.

Forcible rape and forcible sex offense charges are often discussed interchangeably, but these are separate crimes in North Carolina. A forcible sex offense, unlike forcible rape, may involve sex acts other than vaginal penetration.

Source: WSOCTV, “8 from Rock Hill indicted for allegedly funneling firearms,” August 19, 2013

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