Marijuana crimes defense in North Carolina

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Marijuana is still illegal in the state of North Carolina. Even though the drug has been legalized for recreational use in many states throughout America, and also legalized for medical use in a lot more states, North Carolina remains the same in its opinion of the drug. Those caught in possession of marijuana could therefore face very serious drug offense charges.

Unfortunately for North Carolina medical patients who can benefit from the medical use of marijuana, these patients are not permitted to possess even medically prescribed marijuana inside state lines. Nevertheless, some patients choose to self medicate and use marijuana anyway because it is the only way they can receive relief from painful disease symptoms. When these individuals are caught by police and arrested for marijuana crimes, it is particularly tragic.

Regardless how or why an individual was in possession of marijuana, even a low-level conviction of marijuana possession can come with serious consequences for one’s life, career and more. As such, those who have been arrested and accused of these crimes will want to get serious about their criminal defenses.

Fortunately, North Carolina residents who have been accused of marijuana crimes will have the opportunity to defend themselves in court against the charges. At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, we have extensive experience defending people against marijuana-related crimes, and other drug crimes, in both state and federal court. Our criminal defense lawyers are available to speak with anyone accused of a drug crime in a free, no-obligation, first time consultation. We will listen to the story in detail and advise people of their legal rights and options and, if required, we will defend them in their cases all the way to trial.

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